Bola Bola Pakhaharu Lyrics – Meena Niraula

Meena Niraula – Bola Bola Pakhaharu Lyrics is song sung by Meena Niraula. Bola Bola Pakhaharu Lyrics are written by Dinesh Adhikari And Composed by Prakash Gurung.

Bola Bola Pakhaharu Song Credits:

Song – Bola Bola Pakhaharu
Singer – Meena Niraula
Originally sung by Sukmit Gurung
Lyrics by Dinesh Adhikari
Composed by Prakash Gurung

Bola Bola Pakhaharu Lyrics:

Bola ! Bola ! Pakhaharu
Hiu phulne kakhaharu
Kina hola hijo aaja
Bato chhekchhan aankhaharu

Batasma udi jana pae pani hunthyo
Badalko ghumtobhitra lukna pae hunthyo
Aaphu hunchhu ekatir, antai janchha mana
Naulo lagchha kina aaja aaphnai ranawana?

Paincho magunjasto lagchha guransako lali
Kahiledekhi aayo mama laj lagne bani ?
Ke huna ho hijo–aaja jhanjhanaunchha tana
Bitechha ki bhana sathi mero balapana ?


Translated Lyrics:

Speak now

Speak you cliffs
Speak you snow-blossom crannies
I don’t know why so many eyesCome to obstruct my ways these days

I wish I could fly away with the wind
Wish I could hide behind the cloud veil

I am here but my attention elsewhere
Why is my life like I have only of it known

I keep wanting to borrow the Rhododendron red
Since when did it arise a habit to shy away

What may unfold next these days
My heart speeds up its pace
My friend has my innocence
Already passed its age


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