BOOBY TRAP Lyrics – Nawaj Ansari

Nawaj Ansari – BOOBY TRAP Lyrics is song sung by Nawaj Ansari. BOOBY TRAP Lyrics are written by Nawaj Ansari And music given by the Roz.

BOOBY TRAP Song Credits:

Singer – Nawaj Ansari
Lyrics – Nawaj Ansari
Music – Roz


2021 a lot different
It was snowing in the south and I was rapping Texas,
When the numbers didn’t fly I wasn’t pessimistic,

I just gave another shot, the bulls eye blinking
Straight 30 minutes runnin ,got my face glisten.
Brothers hummin in the BG,, everybody working
Never paid out for the Kucchi, I just count the blessing.
Cuz I treat it like a trophy and it serve purpose.
Follow my mindset collect the crumbs before they bust us.
Got on my Lebron James drip. I call it Yellow purple
Somebody please translate this shit. The words revolve in circle
Man don’t want a glass ,my vision clear that cataract.

I don’t think I should ever participate in Battle raps
Cuz if somebody yell on my face, I might just throw a jab
That might go graphic with blood, with all that muscle crack
Boom! Relaxing on that lavish shit
Couple hit’s and I’m okay that’s some heavy shit
Some of my friends,, they look at me weird, like they hatin’.

I look at the future – I’m history in the making.
Every time I step on that stage I’m Shaking
Then it’s couple minutes. I get on my zone – Ape shit!
Sometimes I like to flex the things in my heart and then I bite my tongue.
I like to say that things the way it is and then they get me wrong. Pussy!
Balenciaga, Polo Ralph Lauren bitch. She thought that I was black, I gave her foreign kiss
I’m self made I think I might just get a Benz. Real athletic spirit I just hopped a fence.
I fell through my roof. I landed in my kitchen, now it’s feels real funny when I reminisce.
I don’t rock with the gimmicks, I got evidences. Throw a rock in the henny,, I’m a liquor sensei
I’m Barrack with my statement, you stand no chances.

Paper boat, paper planes, man I had a past. It’s some throwback memories, So Jurassic
Me I’m always on a point – never got harassed.
Rolling all those joints. They like the cat who got it.
Man those sort of relationship they would never last.
Ro-Ro-Roz on the beat. I recorded like this.
If I’m not number one, they reported like bitch.

Homie had no status. Just rolling like this. Had some coke in his car – deported like bitch.
Man you do this shit for real. You do this shit clean. A 110 on the highway? Man that’s goofy ass shit.
Money on mind but I’m careful with that shit. I could be easily selling drugs but that’s booby trap shit.
Usually not in the club, I make the music so they party.

Fuck! I think I think too much.
Fuck! I think I drank too much.
Fuck! I think I fuck too much.
Fuck! That bitch talk too much.
Fuck! I think I rap too much.

I probably just you know I should stop
Fuck! I think I’m high. But I didn’t even smoke no weed. I’m just high.
Or is it like I’m drunk. I don’t know. But either way you know I’m fucked.
And that’s Nawaj Ansari.


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