Bounce Lyrics – Sun J, Sonny Brown

Sun J, Sonny Brown – Bounce Lyrics is song sung by Sun J, Sonny Brown. Bounce Lyrics are written by Sun J, Sonny Brown And music given by the Sun J.

Bounce Song Credits:

Track – Bounce
Artist – Sun J, Sonny Brown
Prod. By Sun J
Lyrics – Sun J, Sonny Brown

Bounce Lyrics:

[ Lyrics ]

It’s me and Sun J, taking off the runway
We only headed one way, ready for the gunplay
My nine milli screaming, ya better run for cover
Haters getting trampled running over one another

We always cause a ruckus, always bring a massacre
Im aiming for the driver but I just took out the passenger
Ransom is a must, its random when I bust
Then Im gone like a ghost or a phantom in the dust

Riding tandem in a bus out the window with a gage
Now you on that front page, while im sitting in a cage
Spittin on a stage I got this mic in hand
Keep talkin bout the boss and you might get canned

Shorten up ya life span like the hand of a midget that missin 4 digits ya get it?
Ya best to get with it, cuz now that im acquitted
Im a pass the mic to Sun J and let him spit it

[ Hook ]

Jabhi Mai Aaun, Imma Make You Bounce, Imma Make You (Scream) With That Old School Sound. Imma make Yaa Bounce

[ Verse 2 ]

Uchal du ah bole jo zarurat se zada
Apni Bhelo mei lelo ye nike gucchi prada
Pehena jo sambhala nah woh seedha mene faada saare
Power waale move I’m the king of this akhada

Khola jab bhi qalam seedha bada
Ye rapper lage cute mujhe nar na ye mada beta marna hai chahta bata konsi ka Sada laundiya si harkate
Kare baaz nahi aara

Mai katte wala rapper nahi
Pyaar beta khoob hai na
Karta mai hate kisi se bhi
Bas bhook hai toh khau
Jo bhi raaste mei aaye mere
Proof hai jaa puch jaake kiya maine
Kitno ko mute pe

Ye flex kare jute yehi maaru inki thoot pe
Inke jesi rhymes mai bahau moot mei

Charo aur aag Jab dhyan karu booth mei
Tan sang aatma bhi ghaseet-ta kootne


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