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He established himself well in Kathmandu with his exceptional skills in making Thangka. Samir also managed to send some of his income to support his parents. However, a devastating 2015 Earthquake hit Nepal when Mr. Ghising fled back to his village like any other Nepalese. Samir came back to the capital only to find out his workplace shut down. As a consequence, he started searching for a place to work where he could design Thanka. He found one but was not paid like in his past work. He could barely make his meals throughout the day and over the years he was in a debt at a restaurant where he always had his meal. So he decided to not pay his debt and run away from that place. As he wasn’t able to make his daily living he convinced his Uncle and Aunt and started to stay with them yet again. Over the course of years, he started meeting mainstream rappers of Nepal like Uniq poet, Girish, and many others. One day he ended up recording a random rap video with so-called “pshyco dai” which was shared on Facebook and Youtube and was heard a massive number of Nepalese population. VTEN also mentions that one user with the name of ‘Last Kin’ trimmed a part of his video which made a sensational hit on the Internet. This also led him to rap on an e-kantipur live radio. As his talent was discovered in rapping, Samir Ghising made his way to the rap industry winning million of hearts. His songs are applauded for being realistic, able to relate to the real struggle of the people and his exceptional way to express his feelings. [1][2][3] He started his musical career at the age of 15.Vten is a very energetic, humble and attitude kind of person. His idol is Eminem.