Dukheko Mutulai Lyrics – Bhim Birag (2021)

Bhim Birag – Dukheko Mutulai Lyrics is song sung by Bhim Birag. Dukheko Mutulai Lyrics are written by Bhim Birag And music Composition by Bhim Birag.

Dukheko Mutulai Song Credits:

Song – Dukheko Mutulai
Singer – Bhim Birag
Lyrics – Bhim Birag
Music – Composition by Bhim Birag

Dukheko Mutulai Lyrics

Dukheko Mutulai Lyrics:

Dukheko mutulai chhantnai namilne raichha
Aruko khushisanga satnai namilne raichha

Othaharu hansna khojda aankhaharu roidinchhan
Aaphaile aaphailai dhantnai namilne raichha

Jaha chot parchha tyaha dukhnu swabhawikai ho
Nadukhne gari jeevan katnai namilne raichha

Eklo aaphuma sabai tara bhid yasto yaha
Arulai nakulchesamma teknai namilne raichha

Waradana pauna sable arukai bali chadhaunchhan
Retera aaphnai gardana pujnai namilne raichha


Dukheko Mutulai Lyrics In Nepal:

दुखेको मुटुलाई छाँट्नै नमिल्ने रैछ
अरूको खुशीसँग साट्नै नमिल्ने रैछ

ओठहरू हाँस्न खोज्दा आँखाहरू रोइदिन्छन्
आफैंले आफैंलाई ढाँट्नै नमिल्ने रैछ

जहाँ चोट पर्छ त्यहाँ दुख्नु स्वाभाविकै हो
नदुख्ने गरी जीवन काट्नै नमिल्ने रैछ

एक्लो आफूमा सबै तर भीड यस्तो यहाँ
अरूलाई नकुल्चेसम्म टेक्नै नमिल्ने रैछ

वरदान पाउन सबले अरूकै बलि चढाउँछन्
रेटेर आफ्नै गर्दन पुज्नै नमिल्ने रैछ


Translated Lyrics:

An aching heart

One cannot trim an aching heart out
Cannot exchange it with other’s joy

When lips try to smile
Tears start rolling down the eyes
One cannot but to oneself tell any lie

Pain is natural where there’s a wound
It’s but impossible to spend a lifetime
Without a pain running through

The self remains alone here
Though surrounded by the crowd
One cannot even step on the ground
Without stepping on others around

Each one sacrifices the other
To receive blessing for their self
But it is not possible to slit at all
One’s own throat as a ritual offer



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