Ecstasy in the Palace Lyrics – SACAR aka. Lil Buddha

SACAR aka. Lil Buddha – Ecstasy in the Palace Lyrics is song sung by SACAR aka. Lil Buddha. Ecstasy in the Palace Lyrics are written by SACAR aka. Lil Buddha And music given by the Jxxded.

Ecstasy in the Palace Song Credits:

Song – Ecstasy in the Palace
Singer – SACAR aka. Lil Buddha
Lyrics – SACAR aka. Lil Buddha
Music – Jxxded

Ecstasy in the Palace Lyrics

Ecstasy in the palace
Niggas want to come with a challenge
It’s game over for you
got a big fucking range rover for you
and I also got a fortuner
be scared when you hear the sound of little Buddha
u get what im saying j

i aint playin j
Sleeping eyes closed if they hatin me
I got a big fucking family for you
Lions lionesses wolves animals for you
KTM to New York City dude we move
J come with the groove i come with the news
The icon you choose you might want to move
I’m heading off to UK don’t call me im on snooze

maaf garnu hola
I said don’t call me just call Jay
I don’t care how you all play
Because me and J we make beats all day
smoke weed all day
your palace is haunted

It’s cold in the palace getting old in the palace
souls getting sold in the palace
try act bold in the palace
But Young Lions is the boss in the palace
Pull up with the sauce in the palace
i don’t give no fucks about your hoes in the palace
Freestyle rhyme shows in the palace
making links with the Bros in the palace
Billionaires uhh we all in the palace

We floss in the palace we MoshPit in the palace
We pop hits in the palace We make hits in the palace
I don’t Sip lean i Just do my D’s in the palace
I don’t Sip lean i do yoga
18 city Nepal tour what the fuck you no bruh
On a flight to space Nigga you can call me Yoda
Born with it I don’t have to care about the dough brah
Himalayan bro Bruh Lucky you should know bro
palace getting cold but i heat it with my flows bro
Lil Buddha The Don Vito dadaa
and the Dadas got a lot of other Dadas
and our Dadas got more Dadas
so if you trying to fuck with me


Nah brah

lil buddha aka. young lion

Bad idea I just had my reefer
Stoned as fuck i just sit with mad ideas
Two years ago it was all ideas
Now it’s reality try to challenge me


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