He Phool Lyrics – Balaram Samal

Balaram Samal – He Phool Lyrics is song sung by Balaram Samal. He Phool Lyrics are written by Man Bahadur Mukhiya And Composed by Karma Yonjan.

He Phool Song Credits:

Song – He Phool
Singer – Balaram Samal
Originally sung by Kumar Subba
Lyrics by Man Bahadur Mukhiya
Composed by Karma Yonjan

He Phool Lyrics:

Oh flower you are to pick
Did you see a gardener crying in grief
Joy is to celebrate a union deep
Did you witness a goodbye so bleak

Hidden underneath the shawl
A bride starts to weep
As she is lifted in a carriage
It comes rolling down
Nostalgia of home friends and family

The nests remain empty
When all the birds fly away
Mountain passes will weep
If this soil be ever deserted


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