Kati Anautho Lyrics – Deepak Kharel

Deepak Kharel – Kati Anautho Lyrics is song sung by Deepak Kharel. Kati Anautho Lyrics are written by Neer Shah And Composed by Shambhujit Baskota.

Kati Anautho Song Credits:

Song – Kati Anautho
Singer – Deepak Kharel
Lyrics – Neer Shah
Composed by Shambhujit Baskota

Kati Anautho Lyrics:

Kati anautho chha manisko jindagi
Kahile baleko aago kahile bageko paani
Aago ra paani rahechha manisko jindagi

Jindagi udeko hunchha
Chahanako bhunwarima
Sangharshako hurima

Kati bhinna hunchha manisko sapana ra wipana
Kaha sapanako hanso kaha wipanako aansu
Hanso ra aansu rahechha manisko jindagi


Kati Anautho Lyrics In Nepali:

कति अनौठो छ मानिसको जिन्दगी
कहिले बलेको आगो कहिले बगेको पानी
आगो र पानी रहेछ मानिसको जिन्दगी

जिन्दगी उडेको हुन्छ
चाहनाको भुँवरीमा
सङ्घर्षको हुरीमा

कति भिन्न हुन्छ मानिसको सपना र विपना
कहाँ सपनाको हाँसो कहाँ विपनाको आँसु
हाँसो र आँसु रहेछ मानिसको जिन्दगी


Translated Lyrics:

How strange

How strange it is, the life of a person
Sometimes it is like a burning fire
And sometimes like a flowing water
So fire and water together it is
That makes the life of a person

Life keeps hovering over
The whirlwind of desires
In the cyclone of struggle

How different they remain
The dreams and realities of a person
How fart apart they are
The laughter in a dream
And the tear drops in the real
So laughter and cry together it is
That makes the life of a person


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