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Drazone – Rise Up Lyrics is song sung by Drazone. Rise Up Lyrics are written by Drazone And music given by the ROFFLALA ON THE BEAT.

Rise Up Song Credits:

Song – Rise Up
Singer – Drazone
Lyrics – Drazone

Rise Up Lyrics:

Yo yo yo yo
What what what what
Wo wo wo wo

[Verse 1]
Yeah rollin’ rollin’
Rollin’ a beast and I roll with the greens
Green up the vibe and I smoke up the scenes
Plenty of films and they roll up in dreams
Role in a play and this movie be clean

Wind on the blush and I’m sucking up air
I’m fucking up sleep and I don’t really care
Young and I’m wake and I’ll sleep when I’m there
My eyes getting dark and my life’s getting fair

Wake up and I pray, shower the praise like the saint don’t leave me
Phases of life, they’re meant to be there
They’re meant to be changed, get’s better believe me
I’m living in London, my city’s the capital
I’m spitting on Indian instrumentals, blending in classicals

Don’t win when you lose, that’s facts,
Flow wouldn’t be like that, no cash
Get traction, not with your butt on rest
Give action, fruitful reactions act

My plans go down in the drain
Brains spiked up, inventing waves
Lala got Dutt Sir speak in the intro
Got myself thinking I’m playing the hero

Some bad habits on the way to nice
Yeah some good habits, I preach, I’m wise
And I sum it all up, yeah I’ve paid the price

Play dice, 2 sixes, bags the bride
Blame luck you suck, at least you tried
Now it’s time you slide
Oh wait, first let me rise

First let me rise up, let me show you the prize huh
Yo wait for the man, let me let me let me rise up
First let me rise up, let me show you the prize huh
Yo wait for the man, let me let me let me rise

[Verse 2]
P’s on the way, them P’s on the way,
On the way, I got them P’s on the way
G’s gonna stay, them G’s gonna stay
4 Life, that’s word, them G’s gonna stay
WAV got leased, I’mma play
MP3 lease, that’s a bonus they say
I spit and I spray a graffiti a day,
Ye shabdo ka khel hain, mai rukta nahi

Rukunga kyu jab rukna hi nahi, mai rahunga yahi,
Fatake jalake fodunga bhi yahi,
Hatake dikhade toh maanunga sahi kyu teri bhi jali hai

Jhukunga kyu, na jhukta hu main,
Na chukte hain bars, ab hindi mai likh kar bhi spit kar du aag,
Ab aa gaye woh din jab ye log mujhe puchte hain

How did you go from there to there?
You mean up on my way from where to where?
My cups feeling light, so fill it up right
And allow me tell you then and there

You know what?
Tell you later,
When I get haters which I don’t want
Cuz I want some love on the spread
And serve ’em the bread,
Get stoned like I’m Ted, that’s nature

This ain’t the mumble game
This is the humble game
Chal chal chal


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