SUNO Lyrics – AHSAN X Alemam Elghandour

AHSAN X Alemam Elghandour – SUNO Lyrics is song sung by AHSAN X Alemam Elghandour. SUNO Lyrics are written by AHSAN X Alemam Elghandour.

SUNO Song Credits:

Song – SUNO
Singer – AHSAN X Alemam Elghandour
Lyrics – AHSAN X Alemam Elghandour

SUNO Lyrics:


Mery pass nai mujh sy dor ay wo
Jesy hoor koi kohenoor ay wo
Mera nasha jaani nashy ka suroor ay wo
Mujjy on krny wala jaani mood ay wo
Meri Zindagi ky hasee lamhaat
Guzry thy sath us ky lekin ab wo mujh sy dor ay bohat
Us ka phone ay off
Mera mood ay off
Aja pass mery
Kr mera mood tou on

Alemam Elghandour :
now it’s on and off
she be acting up
like she hardly wrong
every song i make
she sing along
does it realy Matter
all the fame
the glammer
ohh damn
i just a minute with you
not really that
i ain’t finished with you
not gonna quit
if you see this thru
woh khati scene on
now she coming thru


Kr di ay follow o menu par chukdi nai jado v karaan main call
Menu ty kam bathery ny fr v main tery liye kaddna wa time
Mundy hun kendy ny ho jana ho jana pagal wy tou
Chladi nai chaldi nai chaldi nai teri bina hun Wekh meri life

[Alemam Elghandour]

maybe I’m tripping
maybe I’m sipping
maybe i don’t give a fuck
looks like i run out or luck
run out of love
run back to ou
I’m leaving this city
i need me a break
love from the distance
imagine th pain
I’m driving around
I’m going insane
and when you’re down
don’t call out my name

ohhhh ohhh
baby i just wanna be with ya
ohhh ohhh
Baby i just wanna be with ya
don’t let go
don’t let gooo


Suno meri gaano ko tum aaj suno
Suno mer baaton ko tum na suno

Tou kr di nai pyaar ayyy
Ni krda intzaar main
Tou chaldi nai naal ay
Ye kesa tera pyaar ayy

[Alemam Elghandour]

ohh ohhh
don’t you ever let me go now
ohhh ohh
don’t you ever let me know now
just hold on


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