Hiphop Saved My Life Lyrics By Uniq Poet And EPR

sabda, samrachana,
bekta garnu parne harek,
waakya isprasta chha manamaa
prasna ra samasyaa, dubai ko hal
hiphop yo kuraa prasta chha aba ta

Higher power i empower
that you didn’t practice to
rap and power

Find new hour aba sab jana
ek jut ma hiphop sansar ko
sablai ek dekhxu

Bikash vanda badi binas ra bikriti
uthauxu aawaz sinam na sikripi
boys and girl get ready
it’s time to hit the street
While we’re looking for change we’re
the ship to receive
Haatey malo we raising each other
goro kaalo no matter the colour
universe to love we don’t gotta suffer
if you fight with this message than you’re
my brother

Hiphop really saved my life
yuba jagayney yo kalankari
from Nepal to India
Hiphop really saved my life
yuba jagayney yo kalankari
from Nepal to India
hip hip hiphop

Rahasyamai sadasya kai
par agastya wahi jo samudra ko samastya
pee pachha bhi li, unarbitrary a prophecy
the wapasi of darkness

Bhaukti hai bhauktikta vidrohi hiphop
ka tantrik main sanskrit prayogik
the sound so sick, shantipriya par krantiveer
when on the beat
beyond my peers
so danaviya
that in my genome

Tandaav shiva the dance you fear
Gazillion cerosof menos
per main roz mere pairo pe badhi chain tere
pharaohs ki tear those, i channel to handle
my damn krodh like mando-lorian uh

Shirastraan seoul-mate beskar’s korean bruh
Na-poleon bars my boli angar main sodium
chhidko paani mere uppar
exploding poetry hard
I’m mauryan you seleucid reclaiming territory
vipreet mere ho koi
toh sikney do usko bhi

Hiphop really saved my life
yuba jagayney yo kalankari
from Nepal to India
Hiphop really saved my life
yuba jagayney yo kalankari
from Nepal to India
hip hip hiphop

Welcome to the land which circumstances
is raping up us
True story i,m making deserve
I knew a brother and he was
like no other man the
dopest rapper who come outta my motherland
he had a fuc*ing plan
making moves aj
to say this straight

He was the only rapper getting pay
I used to look up to him study as well
dreaming of that day when i be up in the crowd

I remember the first time we meet and hear
freestyle for you he was like you pay ahh
I studied and kept in the mind listen you dope brother
you,re fresh

I found home, i found place but don’t you know
the story, you know what happend next
from nephop underground to london town
he was know to keep it real untill his death
There were news case as i shocked that knew
he kill himself in his appartment bathroom
and the rythm of that still a mystery looks
but his lagacy remains in the history books
Even tho he is dead and gone, he lives on
through hiphop and need one of his song ahh
I’m a random guy the other night he said
Yama buddha song really saved my life



Artist – Uniq Poet And EPR
Prod. By Reverb Dust


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